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HEALTHSHIELD Chemical and Lab Fluids Spill Kit

HEALTHSHIELD Chemical and Lab Fluids Spill Kit


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Chemical spills can be potentially hazardous to the health if not dealt with quickly and safely,and any workplace that contains chemicals must have a proper spill kit on hand. Ourchemical spill kit includes all the essentials you will need in the event of a chemical spill andcan be purchased in bulk orders if required.

The spill kit is best used for small chemical spills and is necessary if your business haschemicals on site. This does not only mean places like laboratories which often storechemical compounds, but also retail outlets or warehouses with a stock of liquid chemicals orany chemicals used in production such as solvents, acids, or paint thinners.

Each chemical spill kit by Spill Kit Pro contains:

  • 6 x pairs of safety gloves
  • 1 x disposable chemical spill waste bag
  • 1 x double mat absorbent pad
  • 1 x disposable safety bag
  • 1 x pair of disposable safety goggles
  • 2 x instruction cards (English and Spanish)


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