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HEALTHSHIELD Bodily Fluid Spill Kit

HEALTHSHIELD Bodily Fluid Spill Kit


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Our body fluid spills kits contain everything you will need to safely clean any body fluidspills, including fully absorbent cleaning pads, disposable gloves, and a secured compactorbag to safely dispose of the spillage. Additionally, each spill kill comes with a bottle of Purell Surface Sanitizer and some Tork paper hand towels for post-cleaning protection. For largerbusinesses, we also offer bulk purchase options.

Better yet, our spill kits provide detailed instructional cards that make it easy for you andyour staff to be properly trained in the correct procedures for responding to and safely dealingwith any body fluid spills.

The full contents of the kit is as follows:

  • 6 x pairs of gloves
  • 5 x absorbent pads
  • 1 x 8oz bottle of Purell Surface Sanitizer (includes spray nozzle)
  • 2 x Tok paper hand towels
  • 1 x large plastic compactor bag
  • 3 x instruction cards (English and Spanish)


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