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I use this hand sanitizer regularly when I need to pick up my essentials at the grocery store. After I touch a door handle or a shopping cart, then when I get home. I feel this sanitizer is comparable to big brands like Purell and Germ-X without having a chemical smell, so that’s nice. The biggest benefit to this sanitizer is that they actually have their sanitizer in-stock!

Eric C.
“Pleasant scent. Very liquidy when I shake it. It’s a runny gel but manageable. Presses out fine. Three drops seem to be the amount needed to cover my hands. Feels like liquid silk and the other scent dissipates immediately after application. Non-sticky. You can feel the aloe at work. I love that it have 70% alcohol content: more than most brands. By far the moisturizing characteristics are better than other skin drying brands. Also like that it’s made in Georgia”

Marselle H. M.
Art Director
“I am so happy to have received my 4 pack of Hand Shield hand sanitizer gel. I am an RN concerned about the health of my patients, my family and myself. Having Hand Shield gives me some peace of mind knowing its 70% ethanol formula will kill 99% of viruses and the organic aloe in it leaves my hands soft and smooth.”

This feels really nice and makes my hands feel smooth after I put it on. I’ve been carrying it around with me everywhere. Most hand sanitizers leave your hands super dry which makes it really annoying to apply. But I love the way Handshield makes my hands feel. I will definitely be carrying this with me to every event.

Micheal H.
This hand sanitizer has become one of my favorite brands! It really leaves your hands feeling amazing! I love it!!

Sapphire H.